Model: Noi Kato

I am not a rotten girl but a pure girl who came from the countryside of  Hamamatsu to the big city of Nagoya! Yeah! I love seeing beautiful hands, glasses, and dark-black hair!


For my cosplay, I am going to dress up as Kagura, Sa-chan and Otsuu-chan in "Gin-Tama," Reisen Udongein Inaba in "Touhou Project," Shana in "Shakugan no Shana", and Miku Hatsune! As a singer, people say that I am really popular in Nagoya and Hamamastsu! I don't know if this is true, but this is what people say anyway!

My refined tastes include being a head maid once…and as a mahjong player.


I love it when people give me chocolate! I would love it if you gave me a box of chocolates (hint, hint, LOL)

Illustrator: Ayuosu

My name is Ayuosu and I was born and grew up in Aichi Prefecture.
I am a college student, but I also work as an illustrator.
I love reading and learning about history and ancient myths.
Of course, I love to draw. But, at the same time, I love Moe and cute girls even more.
I am both full of curiosity and am very ambitious.
I often like to try things out before I actually start thinking about them.
I like both sweets and salty foods. By the way, I finally got to try a macaroon for the first time the other day…
Through my own self-will, it is my pursuit to become a greedy person… (LOL)
I am a member of band, so I guess that makes me a singer.
I also like cosplay too.
I spend my days playing Samurai Warriors,
being a fan of Sound Horizon,
and improving my IDOLM@STER simulation game skills.
I am also in charge of overseeing
the friendship circle “Daydream Bath Time”.


Assistant: A member of a university sports club (male)

A member of a university sports club (male)
Strong Points: I see things through to the end
Weak Points: I easily have my heart broken
Favorite Character: My recommendation is not Mariko Shinoda of AKB48 but Rena Matsui of SKE48!
Hobby: Exercising, anime, video games, sleeping, using the Internet, reading comics
In Brief: I am a member of the Sports Department at a famous university. I like AKB 48 and I purchased the first releases of "Everyday Katyusha" of both Type A and B. I am not sure if anyone will care, but I enjoyed practicing Kendo in elementary and junior high school. (I have a black belt…anyway.) However, recently I haven't really been into Kendo very much. Well, that's all for now… just a sports club member giving his anonymous report.

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