Cool friends

This is a site which roots for cosplayers who visit Nagoya's hotspots.

"Nagoya can't have a lot of places to see!" What kind of site is this?!

Did you know that Nagoya is the cosplay kingdom?

What else could you say about a city that actively promotes cosplay events?
Starting with the World Cosplay Summit,
Nagoya has come into its own right as a city that's a nesting spot for various cosplay events!

So, since Nagoya boasts of having so much "cosplay charisma",
I, Noi Kato, decided on making several surprise appearances around Nagoya's hotspots…
Of course while wearing my favorite cosplay apparel!

By the way, I found a great illustrator!

His name is Mr. Ayuosu.

It's always been like a dream of mine to be translated from the three-dimensional world
that we live in to the two-dimensional world of so many famous anime characters.

Anyway, isn't it a great idea to have him draw my picture!?

After all, if I can be portrayed in the two-dimensional world of anime,
I'll have a head start on everyone who ever wanted to dive into the fantasy world of anime.

And on top of this,
I believe that Nagoya is the perfect place for creating this fictional two-dimensional world.

Well, of course everyone knows that its only fiction,
but since I will be making a real-life appearance to all of places I visit,
I believe that these events will truly be one-of-a-kind, giving us memories that will last forever.

"Who made this site, anyway?"

I need a really cool photographer to take some really beautiful pictures of me!
I need a really cool web designer to upload my photos and illustrations onto the web!
I need a really cool cyclist to be with me so that we can to our destinations in style!
I need a really cool coordinator to set up agreements with my photographing destinations!

So, guess what? I found some really cool people to do these things!

Brought to you by the "Nagoya can't have a lot of places to see!" Production Committee

"Who made this site, anyway?"

I am also being accompanied by some of my younger friends who are giving me a lot of support.
It is really great to have this kind of support team with me!

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